Henney Buggy Band - Sufjan Stevens

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 spectralradiance replied to your post:Hell it’s late enough, tell me about the hottest/best fanfic/porn you’ve read recently. :3

I’m sorry, I’m pretty sure I got a nosebleed just from reading that

here i got you this


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We have 4 chickens at our SCHED* Austin house: Frenchy, Big Mama, Madonna and Foxy.
They give us eggs to make french toast in the morning, mmmm.

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Defend your design: UX can be greatly improved by random acts of kindness

Jeff Howard writes about how it’s often not sustainable to provide consistently excellent services and that the key might be to design for some random details where you can and do exceed expectations:

“Rather than offering reliably excellent service, what about unpredictability? What if the…

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Google Body


Google is offering a Google Maps-type product called Google Body. It acts like Google Maps does, only with the insides of the human body. I haven’t tried this out because you need specific browsers to use it, but maybe some sciencey people out there will have a use for this.

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"It took only twenty-five years for the overhead projector to make it from the bowling alley to the classroom. I’m optimistic about academic computing; I’ve begun to see computers in bowling alleys."

- George Landow (1993)

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The Comcast-NBCU joint venture opens the door to the cable-ization of the open Internet. The potential for walled gardens, toll booths, content prioritization, access fees to reach end users, and a stake in the heart of independent content production is now very real.

As for the future of America’s news and journalism, I see nothing in this deal to address the fundamental damage that has been inflicted by years of outrageous consolidation and newsroom cuts. Investigative journalism is not even a shell of its former self. All of this means it’s more difficult for citizens to hold the powerful accountable. It means thousands of stories go unwritten. It means we never hear about untold instances of business corruption, political graft and other chicanery; it also means we don’t hear enough about all the good things taking place in our country every day.

The slight tip of the hat that the applicants have made toward some very limited support of local media projects does not even begin to address the core of the problem. Given that this merger will make the joint venture a steward of the public’s airwaves as a broadcast licensee, I asked for a major commitment of its resources to beef up the news operation at NBC. That request was not taken seriously. Increasing the quantity of news by adding hours of programming is no substitute for improving the quality of news by devoting the necessary resources.

Make no mistake: what is at stake here is the infrastructure for our national conversation—the very lifeblood of American democracy. We should be moving in precisely the opposite direction of what this Commission approves today.



FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, on the Comcast-NBC merger.

I agree 100% with every single word, yet it’s boggling my mind that the FCC is still approving the merger. The list of conditions they agreed to aren’t totally public yet, but from what I’m reading they aren’t mind-blowing. Make no mistake, this is a huge win for a mega-media conglomerate and a huge kick in the nuts to the consumer and the Internet at large. Commissioner Copps’ words may sound nice, but without action backing them up, they’ll stay just words.

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World's strongest beer Sink The Bismarck goes on sale at £55 a bottle | Mail Online

Sink The Bismarck is believed to be the strongest beer in the world with a 41 per cent alcohol content. Brewed by Scottish firm BrewDog it costs £55 for a 330ml bottle.

The drink, which works out as £95 per pint, has four times as many hops than ordinary beers, say its makers.

The beer is supposed to be drunk in small quantities because it is so strong and has been designed with a screw top so it can be resealed.

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Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges!: Jay's 10 day iTunes challenge!


  • DAY 1: The chorus of the song you’re currently listening to.
  • DAY 2: Put your iTunes on shuffle. Make a sentence out of the first 3 songs to play.
  • DAY 3: What is your most played song and why?
  • DAY 4: Pick a song from your iTunes that describes your friends.
  • DAY 5: Which song/artist would…

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"most attempts to implement lean have been fairly superficial. The reason is that most companies have focused too heavily on tools such as 5S and just-in-time, without understanding lean as an entire system that must permeate an organization’s culture."

- Jeffrey Liker
Jeffrey Liker - The Toyota WayThe Toyota Way
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